UNDER THE SUN Vote for Equality

On June 23rd in Bermuda there is a “non-binding” referendum offering a choice of Civil Unions or Same Sex Marriage. Please vote YES YES to both questions on the ballot.

Please repost, make a youtube video testimonial, tell a friend… Bermuda must be on the right side of history.

Equality should never be the subject of a referendum, but that is the choice the Bermudian people have been given, in order that the politicians can determine the next course of action. We are all born equal, but alas, previous governments have passed laws that make some people “more or less equal” than others.


It is time to do the right thing Bermuda.

WEBSITE: http://www.samelovebermuda.com/why_vote.html


Same sex marriage is an issue that affects everyone because it relates to all of us as HUMAN BEINGS. We are all born EQUAL and as a consequence, all people, regardless of their sexual orientation or gender identity, should be able to enjoy their HUMAN RIGHTS, including the right to MARRY the person they LOVE.


In a democracy our RIGHT to vote comes with the RESPONSIBILITY as a citizen and member of the community to express our vote or opinion on issues that can affect the values and principles of the community itself.


When we participate we are EMPOWERED to make a difference and shape the life and principles of our community. EACH VOICE MATTERS, EACH VOTE COUNTS.

Images by Barbara Tevarotto

Special thanks to John Manderson for the video


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