What Studio Samuel Means to Her

Studio Samuel’s training center means many different things to over 100 girls in the community. To some, it’s a refuge where girls are celebrated and have a safe-haven for growth. To others, it’s a resource center to excel academically with access to a library and computer lab. To all, it’s a place where support is plentiful and they learn to make good decisions for the now and for their futures.

Four key barriers faced by girls in this community and across many developing countries are: child marriage, child labor, trafficking and lack of education. Education is crucial for a girl to avert the other barriers and this is why education through Studio Samuel’s life skills curriculum is working!

A stable foundation is being created from which students can begin building independent and impactful lives. Girls are learning their voices matter and are embracing a larger role for change within their community.

Studio Samuel and The White Feather Foundation thank our supporters for understanding the immense need and direct connection of education and healthcare for a girl born into a marginalized community.

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