The White Feather Flier is Flying High

Thousands of kids across the globe are hopping on to the White Feather Flier – the magical plane in Julian Lennon’s books to explore the wonders of our beautiful planet. The love for these books is beyond our imagination, so thanks to all parents and teachers for spreading the love.

And a special thanks to our partner, Premier Collectibles. Due to the success of the trilogy, they donated $20,000 to TWFF’s mission for the conservation of life!

The latest book in the series – Love The Earth, is making waves…

Even kids as young as 2 enjoy the book…

The White Feather Flier is Flying High 1

Thank you Julian, Bart Davis (co-author) and Smiljana Coh (illustrator) for creating something magical.

You can make it even more special by ordering signed copies from Premier Collectibles:

The White Feather Flier is Flying High 2

$20 each from the 1000 box sets that are sold, will go towards supporting our mission to #conservelife. Help us make more impact! #lovetheearth

Cover photo via @shellywilliams70

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