You’re Not Alone: Take Comfort in Community on this World Mental Health Day

Read on for resources and places you can go for support.
World Mental Health Day 2022

In 1992, the World Health Organization (WHO) declared Oct. 10th as the annual World Mental Health Day to raise awareness for mental health issues. It’s a time for researchers and scientists to share their findings and an opportunity for the public to learn about ways to heal. This year’s theme is “Make Mental Health for All a Global Priority.”

Our way of doing that is to remind everyone that they don’t face these challenges alone. No matter what the issue is, there are people worldwide that care. Read on for resources to help yourself or loved ones cope with common mental health conditions. 

General Support has resources available,  listed by country.

World Health Organization offers an extensive section of resources including videos, guides, articles and books for teachers, first responders, employers and individuals.

Help Guide posts lists, divided by country, of places to get assistance.

Recovery International provides safe spaces for those facing mental health challenges. Free materials and more information about their program can be found on their website.

Suicide Resources

Save shares global lists of emergency services, crisis centers and online chat services for those who are having thoughts of taking their own life.

Open Counseling offers a comprehensive list of suicide hotlines, specific to various countries around the world for those who are having thoughts about taking their own life.

The International Association for Suicide Prevention connects those in need to over 50 organisations worldwide, dedicated to preventing suicide.

WhatsApp provides a list of suicide hotlines divided by country.

Mindfulness shares a list of free mindfulness apps you can download on your phone or iPad.

The Master Shift has a library of past meditations (including a few featuring our founder) to stream.

Mindfulness Exercises gives trainings in mindful practises.

“Breathe” by Julian Lennon offers a great reminder to take a moment when you need it.

Positive Psychology provides mindfulness tips and resources specifically for kids.

Happier Human presents mindfulness resources specifically for senior citizens.

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