Pledge to Give Back

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Give Back to ME

Give Back to Mother Earth (ME) and show her you are grateful for all she gives you. Pledge to Conserve Life, Plant & Grow, Be Mindful, Reduce Plastic, Be Caring and Raise Awareness. Choose something that feels good for you.

  • Pledge to Give Back to ME.
  • Ask people to pledge with you.
  • #conservelife

Looking after our home is our common goal for all our sisters and brothers around the world. It connects us to Mother Nature and connects us all to each other.

What have you done for ME lately?

Mother Earth is alive and she feels. ME is your home and the source of everything you care about in your life. When you do something for ME you’re also doing it for yourself. Showing your love, appreciation and respect is something we can all do. It’s something we must do!

Our aim is not for you to do this once a year. We hope that these events will kick start your nurturing instinct, to care and to give, and to do it everyday. Do this with the people you interact with and do it everyday with ME that is your home.

It’s an old Native American tradition that when you take something from the Mother Earth you must put something back.

Start today with your pledge!

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