Rong Village Clean Water Project Enters Phase 2

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This project started last year in Rong village. A spring water catchment was constructed, and villagers were able to walk down a slope and carry water back to the village. With two new water tanks, water will be instead pumped directly to Rong village.

Next Steps

To effectively protect the water catchment from contamination and erosion, the surrounding land must be properly landscaped with plants that purify the aquifer without depleting it. The plants will also prevent soil erosion and runoff. Carefully selected trees and shrubs will be planted to prevent erosion and runoff while simultaneously conserving water. For example, Vertiva grass will be planted for erosion control because the roots grow 3 metres deep but conserve water. Calandria, Acacia, and Leucaena will all be planted because they attract bees. Many of these plants also provide vegetables, fruits, and have medicinal properties.
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The first water tank of 8,000 liters will be constructed at the source of the spring which is located 400 meters from the settlement down the valley. A solar pump will be installed to pump water to a bigger tank of 20,000 liters. This tank will be constructed out of cement and stones, 600 meters above the spring source. It will have a lid so that people have easy access to clean the inside of the tank every two months. Water from this tank will be channeled through pipes over a distance of 2 km to 5 stand-pipes and taps for the villagers to use.
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The Project Father is HRH The Fon Kennedy Nganjo II of Rong village. He is very active in village development projects.  He has pledged that his villagers will contribute by providing all the stones, sand, gravel and local labour to dig the pipeline. The Project Coordinator is Farmer Tantoh Nforba, Ashoka fellow working in Cameroon. Ashoka is the largest organization for social entrepreneurs in the world. Farmer Tantoh will educate the local communities on water catchment conservation, building of springs and water tanks. 
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