Clean Water for Nkope Hill Mission


This project aims to improve access to clean water by the rehabilitation and extension of the water supply system in Central Malawi for Nkope Anglican Mission Station.

Project Details:

Project Partner: MACS
Project duration: 8 months (Jan to Aug 2015)
Total Budget: £88000
Funding from WFF: £25090


Replacement of water distribution network. Extension to Secondary School Installation of sand-filtered sump for extraction of lake water. Construction of concrete tank to increase storage capacity and pressure of chlorinated water.

Target & objectives:

Approximately 1500 people from the Anglican Mission Station (Hospital, Primary School, Secondary School, church and 22 staff houses).

Ensure proper and sustainable access to safe drinking water.


Nkope Hill Mission was founded in 1906 and now includes a 45 bed health centre with a shelter for patients’ relatives who come to prepare meals. There’s a primary school (1286 pupils) with 2 new dormitories built by MACS for 40 blind and low vision children. There’s a secondary school (167 pupils) and 22 houses for teachers, clinical and nursing staff.


An old pipework system exists but does not include all houses or the secondary school. Low pressure during the day means that water doesn’t reach some of the houses. The supply is fed from two metal tanks at the health centre, but they need replacing and the 3 meter brick towers on which they stand are structurally unsound.

Most important is the fact that the water supplied is untreated lake water. Tests showed a faecal coliform count of 280 and faecal streptococci count of 240, which is against the WHO’s acceptable standard of zero and zero and Malawian standard of 0 – 50. The inlet is by a floating pipe that is close to various forms of human activity.

A new sand-filtered sump will be constructed to form an inlet that will exclude solids. The water will be pumped through a new main to a new large reinforced concrete reservoir on Nkope Hill and increase by five times the present inadequate storage capacity. It will allow an extension to the secondary school which lies close to the hill, improve its science teaching and remove a stumbling block to their hopes to build a dormitory to encourage greater participation by girls in secondary level education. A single tank will also make it easier to treat the supply with chlorine. The main aim of the project is to reduce the illnesses and deaths caused by waterborne diseases.

In Malawi it is difficult to recruit teachers and nurses to work in rural communities. Housing is often in short supply and schools and hospitals often have to struggle to achieve their aims with only half of their posts being filled. A supply of clean treated water will be greatly appreciated by existing and hardworking staff and, will draw others to come and enhance the healthcare and education in the villages around Nkope.

Agreed Option for Nkope Water Supply January 2015 for £88000

– Construction of new lake intake
= Construction of reinforced concrete reservoir on Nkope Hill
– Installation of pumping main from pump house to reservoir
– Installation of delivery pipeline to connect with upgraded network
– Extension of pipeline to secondary school and staff houses
– Installation of chlorine dosing equipment at reservoir

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