Girls’ Dormitory for Uranga Secondary School

With Connect to Learn
Girls Dormitory Kenya

Julian Lennon visited the Millennium Village Project in Sauri, Kenya, early 2014. Julian had the opportunity to speak with school children who expressed that their passion for pursuing secondary education was hindered by the long unsafe walks to school each day.

In response to their requests, and in collaboration with Connect To Learn, The White Feather Foundation matched funds with the Gross Family Foundation to construct a girls’ dormitory at Uranga Secondary School.

2014 project update

Girls' Dormitory in Sauri Kenya 1

90 Girls in safe education

Dormitory opening ceremony

The construction of the dormitory was completed in Fall 2015. 90 girls are now able to board on the school grounds, enabling them to focus on their studies in a safe environment.

The dormitory is fully furnished with metal decker beds, mattresses, buckets and wash basins. Two 6,000 litre capacity plastic water tanks and one septic waste tank were installed around the dormitory to facilitate rain water harvesting and disposal of waste water for the washrooms.

Girls' Dormitory in Sauri Kenya 2

Connect To Learn

The dormitory, 2016

The dormitory continues to be a great asset to the school, where currently 10 girls are on Connect To Learn scholarships, also funded by The Cynthia Lennon Scholarship for Girls, and living in the dormitory. The former Education Coordinator of the Sauri Millennium Village, Richard Ogeda, said about the project, “The school and community are very appreciative as the dormitory will go a long way in ensuring safety and comfort of girls in the school.”

2016 project update

Connect To Learn program sponsors girls on secondary school scholarships at Uranga Secondary School and other Millennium Villages across sub-Saharan Africa

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