Furniture for New African Primary School Sets Kids Up for Success



Learning in rural Zambia was challenging for local students due to a lack of facilities and safe places to attend school. This is due to a cycle of poverty and lack of solid infrastructure in certain areas.


Our charity partners at Mothers of Africa explain, “We educate clinicians to help save the lives of women and girls in Africa and we educate the girls and women themselves. We teach in hospitals, clinics and directly in the community. Mothers of Africa is 12 years young, and a registered charity with the belief, energy and enthusiasm to deliver on our promises for girls and women in Africa.” They achieved a monumental goal by constructing a new Primary School in Shiyala Village, in the bush in rural Zambia, for 360 girls and boys.


The White Feather Foundation donated furniture such as desks, library shelves and boards to help bring the new structure to life. Students at this new Shiyala Community Primary School will receive the education to build their own future, to build their way out of poverty and to take control of their own health.

Mothers of Africa 1


“It is the way to save lives, lives otherwise lost early and uselessly. This school will be the beating heart of this community of 2,000 people.” —Mothers of Africa
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