Training for Tomorrow

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Training for Tomorrow

Direct Impact

50 girls and caregivers – through education, health care and life skills training programs.

Our beneficiary list has already increased to 60 – The government is very pleased with Studio Samuel Foundation’s  (SSF) progress and the progress of the girls. Although they are not equipped at this time, they have assigned ten more girls to Training for Tomorrow (TFT), effective immediately.

Self-esteem – Training for Tomorrow starts at the core, targeting life skills and self-esteem. This begins with counseling, as all girls entering TFT have faced some kind of trauma in their past. Her self-worth is typically very low, a huge component that keeps her a victim of poverty. She doesn’t realize her voice matters and she doesn’t know how to use it. There are many components to TFT, but self-esteem is the foundation that opens the door for further impact.

Indirect Impact

Education and Work – Girls in sewing class learn to sew by making menstrual kits. These kits are then distributed to girls and women in the community. A local rehabilitation center working outside the city with handicapped citizens, are currently collecting menstrual kit materials.

Medical Care and Fair Wages – The artisans who manufacture SSF jewelry line are HIV+. They receive medical care from the fee SSF pay and earn fair wages to support their families. Proceeds from jewelry sales go back into Training for Tomorrow for the girls.

Reporting and Scalability – Before Training for Tomorrow expands, SSF will test the program with key groups within the community who have expressed interest. In exchange for the curriculum, SSF will receive regular reporting and data from the partner group, while increasing the number of beneficiaries significantly. We have the potential to indirectly reach more than 95k youth in the area.

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A Deeper Look at the problem!

Areas SSF target as an indirect result of our program. This gives a glimpse into the world of the girls and why the programs are needed.


Buzayew, age 16, left the program because she was trafficked to the Middle East. She’s from the rural area, moved to the city and lived with her aunt. Per Ethiopian law, SSF can’t work human rights issues. However, there is a lot they can do, particularly when having the woreda’s support. They’re seeking their approval to incorporate an anti-trafficking program “Project Buzayew” into their curriculum, effective immediately.


A girl in the SSF program was abused regularly by her teacher at school and kept it quiet, as she has no family or friends to trust. She started to trust the other girls in Training for Tomorrow and shared pieces of her story. They immediately came together as a team and informed our director, Hilawi. He met with her to collect all details and took the case to the woreda. The teacher was questioned, put on record, made to apologize to the girl and signed a police record that she is to be left alone and there is to be no backlash or he will face official charges. She now holds her head higher, believing in herself and knows her voice made the difference. When thanking SSF, they asked that she carry this forward with other girls – letting them know their voices matter too. There has been no retaliation from the teacher.

Child Marriage/Child Labor

A rural family made arrangements for their daughter, M, to be married when she turned 12. They made this agreement with a rich farmer when the girl was five years old. She ran away and now lives in the  city working as a house servant. Her ‘employer’ has a daughter who worked in the Middle East and is trying to convince M to come with her (and sending her wages back to this family). M declined and was given an ultimatum: quit Training for Tomorrow or lose her room/board at their home. She chose a roof over her head. When she stopped attending her TFT classes, Hilawi made a visit to her home and spoke with the family. She has returned to TFT and there are other measures in place, should she be put out from her current situation.

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Know that LOVE surrounds you

Thanks to your support and the amazing work of Studio Samuel Foundation, together we are improving people’s live and creating happiness.

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The White Feather Foundation has been instrumental in expanding the reach of our message to a point we know we couldn’t have done alone. By giving Studio Samuel this vast platform for our voice, we’re able to make a deeper impact with our work and create further opportunity for our girls. Thank you for believing in grassroots initiatives!

– Studio Samuel

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