Village Ambulances Bring Emergency Relief to Uganda

Village Ambulance


Citizens of the Kamuli district in East Uganda had no means of transport for urgent medical needs in their community. Because the main roads that lead to area hospitals were often impassable, and not everyone had access to a vehicle, many serious medical situations resulted such as road-side baby deliveries and complications from accidents.


Our charity partners at Egoli Africa sourced innovative village ambulances, designed by Pulse, that can easily navigate challenging terrain. The two-wheeled trailers provide a safe way to get patients to the hospital with a simple attachment to the driver’s motorcycle or bicycle.



The White Feather Foundation campaign helped Egoli Africa purchase three village ambulances, motorcycles and mobile phones (for the ambulance drivers) to help the Kiyunga, Magogo and Kisozi villages.

Village Ambulances in Uganda 1


The village ambulances have greatly helped the areas they support and gained attention from neighboring community chairmen who now help to maintain the proper use of the ambulances and hope to expand the program further.
Village Ambulances in Uganda 2
Village Ambulances in Uganda 3
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