Village Ambulances in Uganda

With Egoli Africa
Village Ambulance

With our support, Egoli Africa has successfully launched Village Ambulances in the Kamuli district, east Uganda. They have been able to purchase 3 ambulances, motorcycles and phones for the ambulance drivers. They are now able to distribute business cards with the ambulance hotline phone number on it for people in the local communities to call when needed. The village ambulances they purchased were produced by Pulse (


Health Centers and drivers

Egoli Africa have chosen to work together with small, local health centers in the rural villages of Kiyunga, Magogo and Kisozi diocese. These small village health centers have very limited means and they will benefit greatly from the village ambulances. They will be able to refer and send patients who need urgent medical help to a hospital. They know where patients live, what medical help patients need, and can instruct and assist the ambulance drivers properly to reach the patients quickly.

Village Ambulances in Uganda 1

Community Support

The launch of the village ambulances has attracted a lot of interest from the local communities. Local chairmen from the 3 villages are involved in the project and will help to maintain proper use of the ambulances and the motorcycles.

Village Ambulances in Uganda 2
Village Ambulances in Uganda 3
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