The construction of washroom facilities and toilets for 322 pupils. Better sanitation and hygiene for a better learning environment!​

washroom facilities - Uganda

Project Details:

Project Partner: ST. JOHN PAUL MUGWANYA COMPLEX, Masaka, Uganda.
Project duration: 6 months (July to Dec 2015)
Total Budget & Funding from TWFF: £5,700

Washroom facilities for girls school in Uganda 1


– Contracting competent construction firms.
– Purchasing of materials.
– Excavation of the construction site.
– Monitoring and evaluation of the construction process.
– Inauguration of the facilities.

The ultimate goal will be improved health, sanitary and hygiene conditions of the children, teachers and support staff of the school. This will also result in improved standards of academic performance.

Washroom facilities for girls school in Uganda 2

Target & objectives:

– The construction of washroom facilities for 322 girls.
– Promote a better and friendly learning environment the pupils.
– Reduce diseases that may be contracted due to poor sanitary facilities.
– Improve and enhance the academic performance of the children.

Washroom facilities for girls school in Uganda 3

The project is located in Masaka, Uganda, and the majority of the population practice peasantry agriculture. The area has been devastated by AIDS, living behind trails of orphans and child headed households.

St, John Paul Mugwanya Complex day and boarding primary school has an average population of 564 pupils, 322 of whom are girls and 242 boys. Half of the population of the school are orphans from extremely poor families.

The school relies on water from swamps and unprotected springs, and diseases such as typhoid, dysentery, cholera are common occurrences especially during the rainy season. The school also lacks good usable sanitary facilities, in terms of toilets/latrines and washes rooms. Hence the need is for construction of better, user friendly sanitary facilities especially for the girl pupils.

Washroom facilities for girls school in Uganda 4

Construction of the washroom facilities for girls has now started

The school is registered as nongovernmental organization, registration number S.5914/5891. It was founded by a group of five volunteers and teachers who felt pity for disadvantaged and orphaned children from the slums of Ssaza Masaka district, whose parents died of HIV/AIDS.

The school’s mission is to see to improve the quality of education and moral values so that each child becomes a responsible and productive citizen.

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