Supporter Story: Thank you Sandy Jones

Supporter Story: Thank you Sandy Jones

I resonate with The White Feather Foundation as I feel so connected to nature. I touch trees whenever I am out. I love to grow veggies and plant whatever I can when I have the space. I drink water with joy, and I don’t drink alcohol. I love being surrounded by birds, tiny creatures and noticing butterflies.

I’ve sponsored a child since my son was a few years old because I also wanted to care for a girl and felt it unlikely that I’d have another child. I am grateful that I could support another family.

We collect coins and take them out with us to give away or to leave in places because it’s like scattering loving energy. We travel every day on the train to work & school, and I imagine great things for every one we meet and see.

Often the focus is on being away from crowds to feel peace. It’s possible to be within a crowd and notice how beautiful every person is and feel peace in amongst it all.

I’m grateful for every moment. I once came far too close to passing on after my son was born. I had a second chance and that means everything.

– Sandy Jones

Sandy Jones is a wonderful and caring person. She is a White Feather Foundation supporter and donor. She has donated/raised over $10,000. We used Sandy’s donations to help complete the funding for a new clean drinking water project in Burkino Faso. We’ll be posting updates about the progress of the project very soon.


Clean Drinking Water supply – Burkina Faso

  • Location: Youga-Fulani and Wilgo villages, sanitary area of Youga, Zabré department, Eastern Region, Burkina Faso
  • Number of beneficiaries: 2074 people
  • Number of trainees: 19 people
  • Operators: Burkina Faso Red Cross [BFRC]
  • Field partners: BFRC, Monaco Red Cross [MRC], Zabré Department

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Cherilyn Morgan
Cherilyn Morgan
June 12, 2015 18:00

i relate completely with Sandy’s story….she’s found a new peace in her life .We both find beauty and love in the simple things that bring Happiness and Gratitude. I’m looking forward to having a second chance. Sandy Jones – A beautiful story.

Andrea Jackson
Andrea Jackson
June 12, 2015 18:47

What Sandy has done is amazing and she is such an inspiration for us all. I too have donated
to the water program on Julian’s April birthday. I’m glad to have help Jim Killon and his
Peruvian Children Program in Huerez, Peru. I’m glad I found the White Feather Foundation.
Thank you for all you do!

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