Supporter Story: Susan Oyer and Boca Raton Community Middle School

“As a whole, we would like to thank The White Feather Foundation and ForestNation for their global contributions to society and the environment. Working together we ARE making a difference on the planet!” – Sam Jamison, Kashfia Kabir, Camryn Schreiber, Susan Oyer, Nick Weber, and Samantha Enslow (Pictured above)

Supporter Story: Susan Oyer and Boca Raton Community Middle School

Boca Raton Community Middle School Social Studies teacher, Susan Oyer, and her students raised $1,500 during April for Earth Day 2015. Ms. Oyer and her students sold bright green and glow-in-the-dark neon green wristbands with tree-themed statements to raise the money.

$1,500 was donated to The White Feather Foundation to plant 3,000 trees in ForestNation with their tree planting partners. The White Feather Foundation was chosen as they will plant 2 trees for every $1 donated, and the organization has been exceptionally helpful in the past.

“The White Feather Foundation focuses on so many beneficial causes dear to my heart, so I chose them for this year’s Earth Day fundraiser. We are thrilled to have donated a small forest of trees to Haiti, our geographical neighbor. Haiti was listed as a treeless nation in 2000, and with many of the school’s students coming from Haiti, it was the logical and emotional choice for the plantings.

Living in South Florida, we are very aware of the delicate environmental sphere we inhabit. Trees play such a large part in our wonderful weather here, as well as the part they play in maintaining The Everglades. Trees are as essential to our quality of life as the oceans, safe food, clean drinking water, and fresh air. I’ve planted 6 trees already this year to do my part and always maintain a huge butterfly and bee friendly garden.” – Susan Oyer.

Ms. Oyer encourages her students to think “green” in class and at home every year. As part of Social Studies, students are expected to stay on top of current events: the fast changing climate, and the part trees play in it, are studied and discussed every time new information is in the news.

“When I heard about the trouble our planet was in, I felt in my soul that I had to help. Our planet’s lack of trees scared me. So I decided to help do something. I donated a total of $131.” – Top fundraiser, Sam Jamison.

“I honestly care … about trees because … I want to make a change this year and maybe planting trees would …solve a few problems.” – Kashfia Kabir.

“The White Feather Foundation is a wonderful charity that benefits the health of the Earth. The world is blessed to have The White Feather Foundation so that our grandchildren and many generations after will have a beautiful planet to live on.” – Student Samantha Enslow.

“Trees are the most important part of life on Earth. The trees allow all other life to exist on Earth by filtering the air and keeping this planet cool. That is why we must always preserve the trees on our Earth.” – Nick Weber.

“I LOVE trees! They provide us with the air we breathe. Why wouldn’t I want to donate and raise awareness to protect them?! If they die from climate change, we will go with them. The whole world should be trying to help trees. We may have little time, but there’s always enough time to make a difference!” – Camryn Schreiber.


Tree planting with ForestNation – Haiti

We are in the processing of assigning funds for the tree planting projects and updates will be available soon

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