New Clean Water Campaign for Utter Pradesh, India

TWFF + charity: water seek funds to implement a new piped water system in the area.
India girl with water

771 Million People Lack Access to Clean Water

Without clean water for sanitation, disease spreads, economies suffer and thousands of lives are lost each day.

One way to help solve this problem in underprivileged areas is to install new piped water systems that make access to clean water readily available. That’s what we aim to do in the Barabanki and Shravasti districts of Northern India.

Uttar Pradesh on Map

Worldwide, access to clean water and basic sanitation can save around 16,000 lives every week. We get there by helping the communities in greatest need, one water system at a time. India is one of the most economically challenged countries in the world, ranking 107 out of 121 total countries on the Global Hunger Index. 

The Project Plan

Alongside our partners at charity: water, we’re fundraising to construct a new piped water system that will serve 170+ people.

To achieve this, we need to raise enough money to pay for the cement, pipes, pumps and solar panels that will be used in the build, as well as the labour costs of construction. In addition, funds raised will pay for experts like engineers, hydrogeologists, welders, drillers and community trainers, who are needed to ensure the safety and sustainability of the system—plus, the transportation for them to bring supplies and crews to and from the work site.

Campaign Timeline

To meet the deadline of our partners in the field and get this project underway, we need to raise our total goal of $10,200 by June 6th. Please help us reach this target and enable the people of Uttar Pradesh transform their community with access to clean water.

Top Photo is Courtesy of charity: water

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