Happy Birthday Julian

Some birthday wishes for Julian Lennon. You can make your wish here.

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Happy Birthday Julian! Thanks for all you do to support lupus warriors and to #conservelife!

- mcrimmings

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Happy Birthday Julian! Thank you for all you do on behalf of people with lupus and your tireless efforts on behalf of our environment. #conservelife #lupusawareness

- Maggie

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All the very best to you… here’s my video…

- Terence Bulley

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Happiest of birthdays dear sir! Thankyou for everything you do…. Blessings ✨ …. And have cheeky smartalec conversation with someone today that makes you laugh!

- Kristin

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Happy Birthday Julian from Mothers of Africa Monaco. 🎉🍾🎂🎁🎉🍾🎂🎁

- Mothers of Africa

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My mothers favorite quotes’
To live life and love to the fullest 😊

- Katherine

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Happy Birthday, Julian!! Hoping your day is a very special one!

Very Best,
Earl Rose

- maestroearl

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May the biggest blissings & blessings be yours this next go round the sun❣️
X😍X😍X #bigloves #conservelife

- Braden

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Happy birthday Julian. Thank you for all you have done for thousands of people can now drink clean water in Cameroon thanks to your generosity. May this year bring abundant health to you and your entire family. Peace and blessings. Farmer Tantoh.

- Farmer Tantoh

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Happy Birthday Julian!!

- Kate60

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Dearest Jules, wishing you a very Penblywdd hapus all the way from Gwynedd! #conservelife
Lots of love from Sue & Chris xxx

- sueflood

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Reviling your true self through your philanthropy and photography is true transparency of a great human being!    I wish the world were filled with more humans like you.  Keep up the good work!    Happy Birthday to you Mr. Lennon

- Queenie

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Melkam Lidet, Julian!!!
Sending warm birthday wishes to you from Ethiopia.

- Studio Samuel

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You are my inspiration!


- Bart Davis

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Wishing Julian a happy birthday!
Love and blessings,

- lauriebk

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Happy Birthday from Cornwall – where the sun always shines! (The best people were born on 8th April!)

- Jo

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Happy Birthday Julian!

May you be surrounded by love, filled with joy and ready to paint with happy colors!


- Csarnoff1

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Happy Birthday Julian! Wishing you a Very Happy, Healthy, Blessed Birthday! 🎂🎉😘

- Wanda

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Happiest Birthdays Julien! 🥳 Your Special day is also National All Is Ours Day 🌏 One of the 3 ways to approach showing appreciation is to take time to reflect on all of the beauty of nature and all the wonderful things in life 🌈

- Jessica Girouard

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Happy Birthday Jules 🎶🎶🎈🎈🎈

- alan

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The feathers remind us that Angels are always near us
( Jean Paul )

- Vale

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TWFF does its very best for the planet!

- liveyourverybest

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Happy bday from vancouver canada Julian 🎉 your work is thoughtful and amazing! 👩‍🎨🎸🦫

- Matt

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Happy Birthday Julian!!!

Thank you for everything you do for this planet. Sending you love ❤🌸🙏

- Alice

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My Dear Julian:
Happy Birthday y Feliz Cumpleaños! We are sending you love and blessed birthday wishes from la comunidad de Ayacucho! The world is a better place because of your kind and giving heart! We love you! Barbara Land and the children of Nevada Building Hope Foundation!

- Barbara

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Happy Birthday Julian!
Wishing you a beautiful day!
You sure have made the world a better place with your love for humanity & by sharing your talents and gifts with us.
You’re amazing! Best wishes Louise

- louise

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Shadow and I want to wish you a happy birthday, and many more to come! I would like to thank you for getting me into the environment and human rights,because of you I have become an active activist. Thank you Jules!💙🙏🏻


- Jennifer

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Mademoiselle Phi-Phi and myself want to wish you a very very happy birthday today. Thank you for everything that you do ! Enjoy your special day. Xxxxxx

- helenebesson

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Happy Birthday, Julian! Thank you, for Educating, Entertaining, and Enlightening my life through ‘The White Feather Foundation,’ and on ‘Instagram.’ I have learned about the world around me, to #conservelife, and how to make a difference, because every bit helps. ENJOY YOUR DAY!

- RoulettePoet

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Happiest of birthdays to a true inspiration. Thank you for all you do, Julian! #conservelife #heyjules

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Wishing You A Very Happy Birthday Dear Julian! Thank you for all you do!

- Georgina

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Happy Birthday to my favorite motorcycle riding, dark chocolate eating , gourmet cooking, philanthropist! Blessings always❤️ #conservelife
Cathy F

- cartarius

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happy birthday .Julian !…remembering Rebecca that gave me the opportunity to hear your voice

- giolennon

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Hoping you have a lovely & fantastic day! 💞🎂

- C

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#conservelife #whitefeatherfoundation
Happy New Year Julian⛵☮🎉 All My Love
and support. Juliane, from NW Florida

- Juliane

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Happy Birthday Julian.

- Isabellucia

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Happy Birthday, Dear Julian 🌻
Love, @julieafarin

- Julie

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☮ Happy Birthday! ☮︎

- Shaaron

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Happy Birthday to a fellow Aries. 🐏 Keep up your beautiful photography. 📷📷📷🎂🎂

All the best, Eric 🙏

- elude64

Positivity always Wins.. #conservelife

- Alexandra

Thank you, Julian, for making me see the Earth through a new lens.

Many happy returns! Love, Tassoula


- tassoulak

Happy Birthday Julian! 🎂🎉
Love, Aubrey & Addison

- Shelly Williams


Happy Birthday Jules! Thank You, For all your Humanitarian Work. World is a better place because of You! Hope All Your Wishes Come True!! ❤️😘🎉

- Shelly Williams

Dear Julian. I hope you have a fabulously Wonderful birthday.

- Laurel


Happy Birthday Julian 🎈🎉 Relax and enjoy your day! 💜

- Jeny

Happy, Happy Birthday Julian! I hope that You have a truly Blessed & Beautiful day! Thank You for being such a big part of what is good in this world! 🎂🍨🎁🎶🧡🤘

- Karla

🎈🎉🎈🎁 🎈🥳🎈🎉🎈🎁🎈🥳🎈
I hope you do something wonderful celebrating your birthday today.

- Kathryn

Happy birthday Julian and thank you for all the good you do in the world.

- slinden

Happy Birthday Julian
Your parents love you

Tour devoted fan, Sherry

- Sherry

Donate to #conservelife

Happy Birthday Julian!

From all the amazing charities and projects you support. From The White Feather Foundation and all our supporters.

Wishing You Peace and Love​...

Happy Birthday from

The Amazon Conservation Team

Birthday wishes from the kids of Yachaikury school that Julian Lennon and TWFF have supported in recent years.

Happy Birthday from

Studio Samuel

Melkam Lidet, Julian! Thank you for believing in us! Your dedication to Studio Samuel has kept girls in school, which prevents them from entering into child labour, child marriage or trafficking.

Happy Birthday from

Connect to Learn

Thanks from the girls at Ulumbi SHS in Sauri, Kenya. Julian and TWFF have supported 20 scholarships for girls, and also helped to build safe clean accommodation for them.

Julian Lennon's Birthday 1

Happy Birthday from

Mothers of Africa

Thank you Julian for our school in Shiyala, Zambia. We are so proud of our school and our education and we invite you to come and visit us one day. From all the pupils, teachers and the MoA Team.

Julian Lennon's Birthday 2

Happy Birthday from

Egoli Africa

Thanks and Birthday wishes from all the villages you've helped with the amazing Village Ambulances.

Julian Lennon's Birthday 3

Happy Birthday from

Music for Relief

Thanks for all the support, and especially for helping to sustain life after the earthquake in Nepal.

Julian Lennon's Birthday 4

Happy Birthday from

Monaco Red Cross

Thanks to TWFF and Julian Lennon. We now have access to clean drinking water!

Julian Lennon's Birthday 5

Happy Birthday from


Thank you for all of your amazing support and for being an Ambassador for Survival International.

Julian Lennon's Birthday 6

Happy Birthday from

Plastic Oceans

Thanks Julian for helping to raise awareness and for supporting the production of our award-winning documentary "A Plastic Ocean".

Happy Birthday from

Farmer Tantoh

Happy Birthday Julian, we shall forever remain grateful for your support to ensure humanity has access to water". The projects you supported has featured in a children's book in USA about my life titled: I AM FARMER-Growing an environmental movement in Cameroon.

Julian Lennon's Birthday 7

Happy Birthday from

Lupus Foundation of America

Happy birthday Julian Lennon🎉!!! We're grateful for your support of advancing research for childhood lupus, your commitment to raising awareness and your dedication to improving the quality of life for all impacted by lupus!

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