Care Packages Bring Necessities to Australian Families During Pandemic

Activity Inspired by Julian Lennon's book Love the Earth was included amongst items for children.
Australian Children Receive Activity Packs

Like many countries across the globe, communities throughout Australia have been negatively impacted by the Covid-19 pandemic. Several families were already strained because of the bushfires and drought, but the added challenges of unemployment and seclusion as a result of safe shelter mandates brought a complex distress to many.

Thankfully, United Way Australia, with support from 3M, was prepared to respond to such a crisis, and sprung into action to help those in need throughout these months of uncertainty.

The group was able to utilize their vast network of corporate and community partners throughout the country—and across the globe—to create food parcels, essential item care packages and educational materials for families in need of extra support.

For the kids in those families, Activity Packs are sent, which contain practical at-home learning experiences, crafts and information for the adults about how to cope throughout the crisis. We were honored that the Conservation Lesson based on Julian’s book Love the Earth, printed by partners of United Way, was one of the items included. We wish our friends in Australia the best as they work toward recovery from the virus.


Photo courtesy of United Way Australia. Read about our previous collaborations United Way Australia on our News page. Find our full collection of children’s activities based on the Touch the Earth trilogy here.

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