Education Saves Lives of Women and Children

Our charity partner, Mothers of Africa, focuses on educational projects in schools, in communities and in health facilities. They also build infrastructure to support their education programs in collaboration with the local communities.

Originally founded in 2004 as a medical educational charity working in sub-Saharan Africa it became clear when talking and listening to the local communities that a bottom up approach was needed. The education of girls is the only sustainable way to save their lives, empower them for the future and help them escape poverty.

January 2018 became an important milestone for Mothers of Africa when Julian Lennon agreed to be their ambassador.


“For a tiny charity like Mothers of Africa this is a dream come true. Having a leading philanthropist like Julian Lennon support Mothers of Africa adds huge credibility to our organization and an immeasurable boost to the many volunteers and supporters who feel that their hard work is recognized and validated.

With the support of Julian Lennon and The White Feather Foundation we have completed the build of Shiyala Primary School in rural Zambia for 540 children We’ve built 3 teachers houses, built a library, supplied desks, blackboards and all the text books for the entire school.

The school has become the pride of the community and the village elders have handed over more land to the school for additional building. The school is a very special place, aesthetically beautiful and a dynamic space to learn, teach and live.

We whole heartedly thank Julian Lennon, The White Feather Foundation and their supporters to help our projects come to life.”

Mothers of Africa



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