Phase 2 Build of Shiyala Community Primary School, Zambia

With Mother's of Africa
Mothers-of-Africa-Phase 2

Following the successful delivery of Phase 1 of the Primary School build in Shiyala, Mothers of Africa is undertaking the second and final stage of the work required to complete the handover of the school.

Mothers of Africa Phase 2 1

The children of the Shiyala Community were walking for approximately 2 hours to their nearest school prior to Phase I build of Shiyala Primary School.

They have succeeded in delivering an answer to this immediate issue, and have built a school which has now been educating 430 children since January 2017. Now they will complete Phase 2 of the build for Shiyala Primary School Project and increase to 560 children!

Mothers of Africa Phase 2 2

Sustainable Education in Action

The overall significance of this project to the local community is immeasurable in terms of esteeming the children and teachers. By giving an environment in which any child – no matter his or her chosen path in life, can strive to succeed and thrive along their way through their growth and developmental years. By working collaboratively with Shiyala Community Healthcare Post (another of Mothers of Africa’s established projects) Mothers of Africa will monitor and record the ongoing progression in terms of both education and health for each child that enters their school.

“The school really is zinging, full of life and full of children! We’re running a holiday Summer School for some of the children it’s a lot of fun.”

– Judith Hall, Founder and Trustee at Mothers of Africa.
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