Emergency Campaign: Feed The Hungry in Conflict Zones

In support of World Central Kitchen to feed those impacted by the Israel-Hamas War.
WCK Crises

At The White Feather Foundation, we find it distressing that there always seems to be resources allocated for weapons of war, yet there’s a consistent lack of funding for food.

In the wake of the horrific news coming out of the Middle East, we want to help the innocent people who lack access to food because of the battles being fought in their backyards.

Nutrition Over Ammunition

The emergency relief campaign we’re launching today will provide meals to those impacted by the Israel-Hamas War. Families who have lost their homes, been evacuated for their safety or are otherwise displaced. 

World Central Kitchen

We have chosen the highly-respected international charity, World Central Kitchen, led by Chef José Andres, as the beneficiary of the funds raised in this campaign. They are already on the ground in the Middle East, working with trusted local partners to feed those in need (and keep their team as safe as possible in the field).

Help Us Help Them

If you’re as devastated as we are by the reports of continued violence and want to bring the most basic of necessities to citizens in the war zone, every little bit helps. 

Please give what you can and join us in our hope for a swift end to the conflict and enduring peace for the Middle East …

Photo credit: (c) World Central Kitchen/WCK.org

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