Leave No One Behind: Take Action on This World Food Day

Read on for practical ways to make a difference.
World Food Day 2022

Discover how to help your community work together in solidarity to “prioritize the right of all people to food, nutrition, peace and equality.”

As a Consumer ...

  • Utilise the vast digital resources available to mobilise and raise awareness about global food issues.
  • Call on local government and decision-makers to take action on important policies, which ensure food security for your community.
  • When possible, buy food produced by regenerative farmers.
  • Purchase and consume only what you and yours need.

As a Business ...

  • Private companies can help by creating and adapting to responsible practices of production and consumption.
  • Businesses within the food industry can source sustainably produced ingredients, compost waste and implement programs to reduce waste.
  • Corporations and small businesses alike can be mindful of the packaging on food they purchase for their employees or customers, choosing the most sustainable options available.
  • Conserve and use renewable forms of energy to create the most optimal growth environment for food producers.

As a Child or Teen ...

  • Plant a vegetable garden or grow fresh herbs (with proper supervision) at home or at school. If the bounty of what you grow is large enough, donate the extra items to your local food bank.
  • Develop healthy habits of choosing snacks and drinks that aren’t packaged in plastic.
  • Recycle food containers and compost food waste.
  • Volunteer at a local food bank or farmers’ market to help others in the community.

Join the movement for healthy soil at Kiss the Ground.

Donate to support projects focused on The Environment.

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