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This is an update from Studio Samuel about Ms K, who we introduced to you in this post.

“When we visited Ms K in her home in May, she was facing challenges no young girl should have to handle on her own; poor health, an unpredictable supply of food & water and lacking the most basic needs we all take for granted.

We are pleased to report that life-changing impact has happened in her life because of all the supporters who took notice.

School started this week and Ms K was there with confidence, energy and in good stable health. She was excited to focus on her studies and join her new community of peers. Last year, school was the gateway to her only meal of the day and nothing more. This is going to be a great year for her!

She spent each day of her summer break at the Studio Samuel training center. In addition to attending her scheduled classes, she stayed on reading in the library or taking another class that interested her. Computer training and karate are her favorites.

With proper food and medical care, her body has responded positively to her medication, leaving her time to focus on what’s important to a young girl. She’s no longer spending her time at the hospital, but instead with new friends, playing and learning. She’s never without a book in her hand.

Ms. K went from visiting the hospital 3 times week to only 1 appointment at our clinic in the past three months. She’s thriving and looking forward to her new positive future.

Thank you to all the supporters who make our work possible!”

– Tamara Horton, Studio Samuel Foundation.

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October 4, 2017 08:29

So very happy for Ms. K.; one of the beautiful people. What a wonderful day it must have been for her getting the news that her life was changing for the better, at last. Having peers & a new beginning. Thanks to TWFF Studio Samuel who continue to make miracles happen for these ((young) ladies.

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