Update: Sauri Scholarship Students

Two of the scholarship students The White Feather Foundation is supporting in Sauri are now serving on their student council. In the above photo, Juliana (on the left) is her class representative and Diana (in the middle) is school secretary. Tracy (on the right) is chairperson of the student council, and was enrolled when Jennifer Gross joined forces with The White Feather Foundation during the dormitory construction. This is great news, and the school reports that the girls are working hard and showing continuous improvement.

Thanks to your support for the The Cynthia Lennon Scholarship For Girls we are able to shine a light on the education of girls in underprivileged regions and to encourage education for all youth worldwide.

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Virginia Abreu de Paula
Virginia Abreu de Paula
April 27, 2018 21:26

What a beautiful mission you have. The girls looks so happy and pretty. I am sorry I have no means to support. I only send good vibes believing it is also important. That is what I am able to do. You are a very wonderful man, Julian.

April 28, 2018 08:41

Muito bonito o que Julian faz e apoia, é de louvar. Orgulho de Mãe..

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