Village Ambulances Saving Lives

Mary Mukyala is 26 years old and from Nababirye, an incredibly small village. She literally lives in the bush. Mary managed to get to the Bameka medical center, which is the closest rural health care center for her. This is where Mary tested positive for malaria!

Unfortunately, the small rural health centers often run out of medicine and Bameka medical center couldn’t finish giving her the treatment for malaria, which kills if not treated properly.

Because Bameka medical center knows that there are Village Ambulances located in Kisozi, about 15 kilometers away, they were able to make a call for help. Mary was referred to Mulago Hospital in Kamuli town and taken their in one of our amazing Village Ambulances, where they were able to finish her treatment successfully.

Thanks to our charity partner Egoli Africa for helping save people’s lives with Village Ambulances. 

Learn more about the project: Village Ambulances in Uganda

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