Cura Orphanage Campaigns for Kids Impacted by COVID-19

The pandemic will keep Kenyan students out of school, without basic necessities, for the remainder of 2020.
Alex of Cura Orphanage

Pandemic Ripple Effect

The quarantine measures in Kenya to keep everyone safe went into effect in March. As a result, students from the Cura Orphanage were returned to the homes of extended family members for care. Unfortunately, those homes aren’t adequately equipped to provide essential items to keep the children safe and well, so our charity partners at the Orphanage stepped in to raise funds for necessities like soap and food. Due to generous donations from supporters, they have sufficiently delivered these life staples to last through the end of this month, but now must prepare for longer-term coverage. It was just announced that the schools will remain closed until January.

A $50 donation covers the needs of one household for one month. The organizers have set a goal of $8,000 to provide for all of the impacted households, and they have just over 30% left to raise to reach that goal.

If you are able to help secure this safety net for the children of Cura Orphanage, your contribution at any level would be much appreciated. To give, visit their campaign page and choose your donation amount. You can also help spread the word by sharing this post (or the campaign page directly) to your social media pages.

We thank all of our supporters for joining in our mission to #conservelife.


To learn more about the wonderful students from Cura Orphanage, read our previous news updates about Nancy, Joyce, Loise, Diana, Mercy and Margaret

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