Help TWFF Bring Clean Water to Cameroon

New well will enable over 600 students, teachers and administrators at St. Felix Catholic Primary School to thrive in a healthy environment.
Farmer Tantoh Campaign Hero

Since 1980 the students in Ntenefor, Bamenda Upper Station in Cameroon have had no consistent access to clean drinking water. Children often walk nearly a mile on an average school day, just to reach potable water. Lacking this basic necessity endangers their hygiene and puts them at a greater risk of contracting disease.

Grassroots activist and water catchment specialist, Farmer Tantoh, has a plan to change this.

First, the team will manually dig a well of at least 15 to 20m using local tools and techniques. Then, the group will install concrete rings inside the well, which will contain sea sand to act as filtration. An electric pump, added next, will flush out the initial water to remove sediments and other pollutants. Once flushed, the water will connect through pressure pipes to a water tank of 5000 liters. The completed water tank will rest atop concrete pillars, roofed with zinc.

Through two stand taps, the school and community will have easy access to this fresh, clean water.

Aside from being used for sanitation and drinking, the water will allow St. Felix leaders to teach environmentalism and agriculture. An organic garden with vegetables and agroforestry trees will be added to the school farm, and a green lawn will be planted in front of the school yard. The gardens and lawn will be irrigated by the new well water.

In addition to helping the school population, the clean water will benefit the greater community of approximately 2,000 people. In addition, the group will create a local water management committee (WMC) to establish rules and regulations for how to sustain the water. In total, this project will take less than one month from start to completion.

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TWFF is proud to partner with Farmer Tantoh to raise the necessary funds for this new well. Previous water campaigns, such as the Sicia neighborhood of Bamenda Town and Rong Village have had great success and led to positive transformations for developing communities. To donate, visit our Bring Clean Water to Cameroon campaign page.

We thank our supporters in advance for their dedication to help us further our mission to Conserve Life.

Photo: St Felix Students, 2021, Courtesy of Farmer Tantoh

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