Nordic, a Fragile Hope

Supporting TWFF Ambassador Joakim Odelberg's new conservation project in collaboration with Gothenburg Symphony.
The Earth has music for those who listen. Joakim Odelberg is taking this thought to a new level with a unique project that intersects nature filmography with music.
Joakim will set on an expedition from Denmark to the North Pole, capturing the beauty of the nordic region. He will highlight problems like marine debris and melting icecaps which threaten this beauty!
The film will be projected onto the giant concert hall of Gothenburg Symphony on their 400th anniversary in 2021. 5 composers from 5 different nordic countries will write original music for this artpiece. Gothenburg Symphony Orchestra, which is the Swedish national orchestra, will perform this music for a live audience.
It promises to be an experience that activates all senses towards the conservation of nature.
The White Feather Foundation will be raising funds and awareness to bring this project to life. As we begin this journey together with Joakim, here’s what he had to say “Sitting down with Julian and Andrew at the Monaco gala for oceans, I was really inspired to get this project going. Looking forward to working together with The White Feather Foundation to raise awareness for the conservation of nordic environments”.

More updates coming soon. #conservelife

Learn more about the project: Unique Music and Nature Film Project

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