We embrace environmental and humanitarian issues and in conjunction with partners from around the world we help to raise funds for the betterment of all life and honour those who truly have made a difference.

For the Conservation of Life

  • I love The White Feather Foundation because they realise the YES, every step DOES count and CAN make a difference in yours and someone else’s life.
    Lisa MercadoThe Living Room Boynton Beach
  • "I love WFF because they are choosing very special small projects where they can help. And it's not only the fundraising they do, they take care of all their projects on site and you can see the results. 100% of the money which is donated goes to the destination where it's meant to be, that's very important to me. Our charity yoga events with Birgitta are very special occasions of bliss, harmony and good vibrations. It's always magic."
    Daniela BrockerSupporter
  • "What I like the most about WFF is that it’s bringing people together by helping smaller foundations. I know how difficult it is to survive as a small charity and with WFF a lot of good hearted people can continue their path to make a change. Together we are stronger and good hearts need to stick together for the love to reach around the world…"
    Birgitta ThomsenWFF Supporter and Fundraiser
  • "I love WFF because they care and they do. They care about human beings who desperately need our help, they care about the environment and saving it and they act on their beliefs instead of sitting passively by. This charity totally has my heart. I wholly support all their ventures."
    Lucy CooteWFF supporter



Every Step We Take…

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Conservation of Life…

See some of the projects we help together.


Start your fundraiser

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Clean Water Campaign

 Donate because Water is Life!



Our mission and how it all started…




Organic t-shirts.  Life…

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  1. david grondin 6 months ago

    nice page , nice to see someone help others in this time of need…………

  2. Dave Jaworski 6 months ago

    Julian’s latest musical collaboration is now available and White Feather Foundation receives proceeds from the fans! “The High Road”, recorded with Brent Bourgeois, is available at http://BrentBourgeois.com/store/

    Brent has launched his latest release with a “Kick-Finisher”. As opposed to a “Kick Starter” where fans pay the artist to make the album, Brent is paying fans who promote the album (hence “Kick-Finisher”). And Brent gave his fans the option of donating their funds, 10% of all sales, to White Feather Foundation. Over 95% of fans have chosen White Feather Foundation!

    You can learn more at BrentBourgeois.com

  3. Paula Kozinn 5 months ago

    Finally a program that puts the funds on the ground where people need it. There is no greater good than getting clean water to people who don’t have it. All of life hinges on it. Keep up the good work, Julian. I truly respect what you are doing. Health and happiness to you.

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