Actions you can take

1. Pledge to Plant

With our partners The MasterShift and ForestNation, we are promoting a global give back to Earth event. Plant with us and give back to our planet for Earth Day 2015. Get your seedlings or seeds from a local supplier. Plant in your garden or in a plant pot indoors or on your balcony. You can all do it!

You can pledge to plant in 2 ways:

1. Pledge to plant in Facebook: So far over 150,000 people have pledged on Facebook.

2. Pledge to plant on this page with ForestNation:

Pledge to Plant & Give Back



2. Donate to Give Trees

We’ll plant trees with ForestNation’s tree planting partners in your chosen location. Current projects are in Brazil, Haiti, Honduras, India, Philippines, Ethiopia, Kenya, Mali, Senegal, Tanzania, Uganda.

“Please join me in planting a Tree Today, so We may find shade Tomorrow.”

Julian Lennon


3. Take a photo and tell the world!

Encourage people to plant with us for #EarthDay 2015 and #ImagineForestNation! #CONSERVELIFE.

  • Take a photo of yourself holding a sign.
  • Share your photo page on social networks.

#ImagineForestNation  #EarthDay  #CONSERVELIFE

Upload your photo

Thank you for making a difference