The White Feather Foundation 2020: Our Year in Review

By Julian Lennon

As 2020 comes to a close, I’d like to share some of our best highlights from this year at The White Feather Foundation. Though none of us could have predicted how 2020 would unfold, we can look back fondly on the good things that we accomplished together …


We began the year by completing a campaign for our charity partners at Studio Samuel, which promised to fund the next HIV/AIDS Prevention Course for girls in Ethiopia. Though their studies were paused due to the pandemic, the resources are in place to welcome them back as they return to the Studio.

Once Covid-19 began to impact those in our partner communities, we did our best to help support their individual campaigns and provide aid during emergency situations:

Our Action for the Amazon Covid-19 Relief Campaign, which is still active, was conceived to help the most vulnerable Indigenous communities in the Amazon through our partners with the Amazon Conservation Team and the Nevada Building Hope Foundation. Read about our first delivery of life-saving supplies, which arrived in August.

In honour of the 5th anniversary of my Mum’s passing in April, we collected contributions for The Cynthia Lennon Scholarship for Girls, spotlighting the journeys of previous recipients Diana, Loise and Nancy. Then in September, to celebrate Mum’s birthday, we hosted an auction featuring some of her clothing and jewelry, which raised over $3000 for the fund. Stay tuned for the launch of The Cynthia Lennon Scholarship for Girls in America, which is coming soon.

We also resumed a campaign to Build a Nursery School in Zambia that had paused due to the pandemic. We’ve so far raised 23% of our goal, so if you’d like to donate and help us get closer to the total, you can do so here.


Through in-depth interviews with our team, we learned more about each of our Global Ambassadors: Joakim Odelberg, Sue Flood and Bart Davis plus welcomed Vasser Seydel as our newest addition.

We also went back to our Indigenous roots and caught up with Senior Mirning Elder Bunna Lawrie who was present when I received the original White Feather that inspired the name for this organization.

In the world of film, our team interviewed my dear friend Deborah Anderson, who created the documentary Women of the White Buffalo about Native American Lakota women, and the struggles they have faced for so many years, and continue to live with, to this day … And let’s not forget that we celebrated the worldwide Netflix release of the film Kiss the Ground, which focuses on regenerative agriculture, which I had the honour and pleasure of Executive Producing, with a most remarkable Team.

In response to supporter feedback, we enabled Facebook Fundraisers and updated our merchandise offerings to include sustainable fashions featuring new designs. More styles are coming soon.


In April, I released audio/video versions of my Touch the Earth Trilogy, and we posted a variety of free kids’ activities based on the series. In July, my co-author Bart Davis and I announced our next book, a graphic novel for middle-grade kids called The Morning Tribe, which will debut next fall.

Last month, we partnered with United Way Australia in the Jump for Literacy event, which raised funds to bring books and educational supplies to Aboriginal children in the Northern Territory of Australia.

To everyone who contributed to these campaigns, followed our work and helped spread the word, we sincerely thank you. As we begin a new year, we look forward to exciting new projects, the formation of new partnerships and the further growth of our supporter community as we continue our mission to Conserve Life.

Onward & upward for a happy and healthy 2021 …

Photo by Julian Lennon, 2020. To view over 9,000 of his photos, follow @julespicturepalace on Instagram.

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Virginia Abreu de Paula
Virginia Abreu de Paula
January 7, 2021 18:37

Contratulation. White Feather Foundation did a wonderful job during 2020. I am very thankful mainly to what you did concerning Amazonas since I am Brazilian.

Sara Delfino
Sara Delfino
January 8, 2021 17:07

Thank Yous, The White Feather Foundation & Mr. Julian Lennon for this post! I feel honored & privileged to receive this message of Your positive accomplishments for 2020 & for future accomplishments for 2021! I wish,hope & pray for another Awesome year of Positive accomplishments for Yous helping the world to be okay & healthy… Yous Rock & God Bless Yous sooo much!

Barbara Schmieder
Barbara Schmieder
February 26, 2021 02:29

What a great deal in 2020. Maybe 2921 will be bigger for you and WHITE FEATHERS I love your picture and I hope I’ll have funds to send for your work. Good luck.😁

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