TWFF 2022: Year in Review

by Julian Lennon and Tassoula Kokkoris
2022 Year in Review

As we look forward to what’s on the horizon for 2023, we reflect back on an incredible year at The White Feather Foundation, with gratitude for all of our friends and supporters who made it possible. Here’s a recap of our year:

The Preservation of Indigenous Cultures

In February, we launched the emergency campaign, Save the Mirning Sea Country, to support The Mirning People in their fight for the Native Title, to land and sea they have cultivated and protected environmentally for over 65,000 years. As of this writing, we are just over ⅓ of the way to our goal. We appreciate your continued support of this campaign.

In May, our Global Ambassador Kim Kindersley introduced a new TWFF edition of CBD oil for wellness, available in our shop, with a portion of the sale proceeds benefiting the Save the Mirning Sea Country campaign.

On the International Day of the World’s Indigenous Peoples in August, we posted an update about that same campaign and shared positive Indigenous news from across the globe in our monthly essay to inspire continued action and advocacy.

Education & Health

It was a wonderful year for student recipients of The Cynthia Lennon Scholarship for Girls, as we awarded seven new scholarships for students in Ethiopia to enroll in Studio Samuel’s Training for Tomorrow program. This brought our total recipients (so far) to 50, since the scholarship’s inception in 2015. We also received an inspiring update from last year’s scholarship recipients at Cura Orphanage in Kenya. We welcome your contributions to The Cynthia Lennon Scholarship for Girls anytime using this link.

Earlier this month, Mothers of Africa completed construction on a nursery school in Zambia that our community helped fund. We caught up with their team earlier in the year for a comprehensive look at the project and a glimpse of what lies ahead. Plus, on World Teachers’ Day, we envisioned a better world for our treasured educators.

On the International Day of Education, we urged the world in our monthly essay, to use hope and dedication to make education a priority in every respect. During Mental Health Awareness Month, we spotlighted the long-term aspects of trauma and recommended resources for help. I also signed on as an Executive Producer for the upcoming film Maya, which brings awareness to the issue of human trafficking.

The Environment

On World Pulses Day, we shared how these sustainable food options are both good for the environment and our own nourishment, plus we included my recipe for Tindian Lentil and Fresh Vegetable Curry. On the International Day of Clean Air for Blue Skies, we examined causes and solutions for the increasingly dangerous issue of air pollution. On World Food Day, we offered sustainable ways to prepare and consume meals. We also discussed how acts of war impact our environment.

In April, the B.I.G North Pole sea ice research expedition, which we sponsored, was unable to make their journey due to Russia’s war on Ukraine. We’ll keep our fingers crossed that they will be able to resume their plan in the spring of 2023. 

In June, we attended the World Environment Day programme in Sweden as part of Stockholm50. Tassoula met with TWFF donors and attended educational presentations about The Forest Plan; I debuted my new environmental song, “Change,” at the Concert for Climate. You can stream it on Apple, Spotify, iHeart or YouTube.

In September, we received our certificate from Nori for the purchase of 646 Nori Carbon Removal Tonnes, to help support a regenerative farm in Iowa. In addition to this benefit, because Nori allows a designated location to receive credit for the carbon offsets, we chose Mum’s birthplace of Blackpool, Lancashine as the beneficiary, to honour her. 

To support future TWFF environmental projects, make a contribution here.

Clean Water

On International Women’s Day, we chose to zero in on the devastating crises of water inequality. Feedback we received with regard to that essay indicated that many didn’t know there was such a gender disparity, so it’s important to continue to get the word out.

In March we were thrilled to announce that our Clean Water for Cameroon campaign was fully funded! Now, for the first time since 1980, a community is enjoying clean water, which helps with sanitation and nutrition, as well as provides an opportunity for the students at the beneficiary school to grow food in their own garden. 

To support future clean water projects, donate here.

For the Betterment of Life

Social justice is at the forefront of many of the issues we hope to help overcome through our TWFF work, so whenever possible, we raise awareness about various ongoing problems around the globe. 

On World Refugee Day, we discussed how the climate crisis and ongoing wars displace millions each year. In April, I gave a rare, one-time performance of my Dad’s song “Imagine” in support of Global Citizen’s Stand Up for Ukraine. The event raised $10.1 billion for refugees. A limited edition vinyl of this performance is now available in my store; a portion of each purchase is donated to TWFF.

We also provided an update about the heartbreaking situation in Iran and in the wake of recent eco-terrorism incidents in art galleries, made the case for the effectiveness of peaceful protests.

In 2023, we look forward to elevating The White Feather Foundation on the international stage, with action and advocacy planned in each area of giving. Watch this space and our social media channels for updates in real time.

Until then, we thank each and every donor, global ambassador, charity partner and friend in the White Feather community for a great year and wish you a happy and safe holiday season.

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Teresa G Grace
Teresa G Grace
December 16, 2022 07:10

Thanking you White Feather Folks & Julian Lennon for The Blessings you all bring forth to this world. Shameful that our USA 🇺🇸 schools & Shootings Are more than any other country.This must change .My Grangirl Has worked 9 years straight; with charity & visits with less fortunate areas Encouraging others with close food and love. She graduates from IU this year four years of college. Julian four years ago. I connected you with this college. Thank you, Carley Ramirez and GRANGIRL ⭐️. Thank you. Keep up the wonderful, caring and loving work, and the healthy impressions that have been… Read more »

Marchelle Vianese
Marchelle Vianese
December 16, 2022 12:53

Wow! That is awesome! I didn’t realize all the wonderful accomplishments that this organization does. So impressed… and we are feeling blessed that you can do this for the world. Take a bow. Thank you.

Melinda Hein Rodriguez
Melinda Hein Rodriguez
December 27, 2022 03:32

Wonderful commitment to enhancing the experience of living to all people in varying life situations!

Pat Comppen
Pat Comppen
January 8, 2023 04:19

It is incredible to see all of the work you did & all of the accomplishments you achieved in 2022 & how many people benefitted from it. Praying for continued progress & much success in 2023! 🙏❤️

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